Perspectives from Muslim Women: Gendered Violence & the Media


What is Project841?

Project841 is a series of voice-recorded group interviews with Muslim women about their experiences and perceptions of violence due to Islamophobia. The project takes the stance that Muslim women are vulnerable to violence because they are easily identifiable when wearing a hijab. Group interview sessions are also a space for responses to depictions of violence against Muslim women in the media.

Do I have to wear a hijab to participate in the interviews?

No. Group interviews are open to both Muslim women who do and don't wear a hijab.

Why is it called Project841?

This project is based on a graduate seminar with the course number 841 (I'm so creative, I know). Beyond that, the name Project841 reminds me of the title of a classified document, reflecting the perspectives of Muslim women that often feel cloaked or out of reach in mainstream media. 

Where are the group interviews held? 

The group interviews are held across three NC campuses: UNC Chapel Hill, Wake Forest University, and NC State University.


Date: April 9th




Date: April 16th




Date: April 23rd

Do I have to be a student to participate in the interviews?

No. Group interviews are open to both students and non-students.

How long are group interview sessions?

Interviews will be under 1.5 hours. 

How many people are in each group interview session?

Group interviews are limited to 4 people.

What types of questions might come up in the group interviews?

  • What do you think the hijab means to non-Muslims in America?
  • How would you evaluate the reporting that you see/read on Muslim women?
  • What do you think of the idea that the hijab is a symbol of oppression?
  • What do you see as the causes for harassment against women who wear the hijab?

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